Tuesday, October 7, 2014

^V^ What an ugly n brainless Hong Kong protesters ! May I ask ..did u ever votes 4 hk governor when British rules hk ? 一班崇洋的走狗。double standard ! ^V^


What an ugly n brainless Hong Kong protesters ! May I ask ..did u ever votes 4 hk governor when British rules hk ?  一班崇洋的走狗。double standard !

Some said ... hello ...now is different oledi , situation n time changed liaooo , we hv d right 2 choose our HK leader , well...what is time n situation changed liaoo ?

R u telling me when time n situation changed , u can beat yr parent if they scold u   ?

If time n situation can changes stuff , d communist party can oso breaks their promise by saying , we r not going 2 give u freedom 2 choose yr leader ? can they ?

Come on dudes , d China communist party is not d communist party they used 2 be liaooo ....how on earth communist country  can allow stock mkt trading , sex shop n  casino  in its country ?

This show they r no longer communism , they r more 2 capitalism !
Cant u see they r changing now ?

What u expect from them ? what u want from them ? ask them 2 step down n change d communist party 2 democratic party ?

U guys willing 2 be slave of mat salleh , fight against yr own kind  , dont u feel shame  ?

U really  think that d westerner wanna 2 help  u 2 fight 4 yr right ?

They hv agenda behind !

U guys shld read d history of HK , how China support HK after 1997 ? Without d goodies from China government , yr economy wont be what it is now !

I really feel sorry 4 yr ancestors 4 having such a rubbish like u all !

Thursday, April 17, 2014

^V^ Our Hero Mr Karpal Singh . RIP ^V^


U r our Hero FOREVER ....Mr Karpal Singh . May god be with u n RIP . 

Saturday, March 29, 2014

^V^ A message 2 mainland Chinese over d issue of MH370 ^V^

A nice reply  from one of my fan 2 his mainland Chinese friend , see d above ... d second one is my we chat with friend in mainland China.

愤青的是你们 也不想想汶川时候我们捐出多少錢幇助你们 將心比心 不要动不动就耍杯葛什么 這怎么能成为一个页责任的大国呢? 你懂嗎? 

Monday, February 10, 2014

^V^ 2014 Chinese New Year ^V^


I hv visited my loyal blog fan Mr J???? last week , a very energetic , humbler n ambitious young man .

I hv attended his wedding last Saturday oso , thanks 4 yr invitation my dear J ?????.


Monday, December 2, 2013

^V^ English is not Science ^V^

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/Mbrx62tr9nY" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>


If Mat Salleh can do it so can Asian , click d below link 2 c yrself &gt;


China moon explorer launching today , though they r still way behind US n Russia , but it is never too late 2 do d catching up !

Like old saying , I dont agree with ppl saying " if one wanna 2 be advance in Science n Technology , they must master English , this is totally nonsense , u can see one good example here :- Filipino speaks better English than Korean N Japanese , is Philippine more advance than Korea n Japan ?

 Another example is Russia , Russian dont speak English , r they not good in Science n Technology ?

Mastering English is good 4 us  , but pls dont relates language with Science , d factor of success in Science is brain play , not language play ! 

Friday, July 12, 2013

^V^ World Champion ? Veteran Lin Dan ? ^V^


World Champion ? Of coz no ! not even 1/10 of LD n LCW !

A " K Lei Fei " badminton open in Pandan last week , prize presented by Dato OTK .

Just 2 shares my happiness with u all ^_- happy 2 know that  I am still able 2 capture 1 or 2 Badminton  title annually ^V^

Friday, April 5, 2013

^V^ Penang Escape ! OPTIMUM SATISFACTION ! ^V^

^V^ 4 those who like adventure n excitement like me, there is a new destination called "PENANG ESCAPE " ( just opened last year ) , d games over here r not only 4 kids but oso 4 adults , it is our childhood games , really fun n SYIOKKKK ! 

There r 3 levels in total , normally ppl will start from level 1 , but 4 me , I straight away go 4 level 3 !!! woww...4 uncle like me is considered very daring liaooo... most of d level 3 players r youngsters ! ho ho dare me , I hv completed d whole journey ! (from d above attachments , u can see I hv captured some photos while playing ) Really fun n I enjoyed playing this stuff very much ! OPTIMUM SATISFACTION ! 

4 those who wanna 2 try level 2 n above , make sure u r FIT n BRAVE enuf ! otherwise u shld go 4 level 1 ^_- It s a must try stuff in Penang ! Location , Teluk Bahang ( Few KM away from Hard Rock Hotel near Batu Ferringi ) Btw, I will be away 4 holiday in overseas till next week , c u guys next week ^_-